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At Maas Plant you will find a wide range of various types of trees and other outdoor plants. As an experienced supplier, we know that the construction of landscaping requires a targeted approach. That is why every project gets our full attention. Thanks to the diversity in our products, we can always deliver custom work. Whether it concerns garden, forest or roadside plants, we always offer a suitable solution. Customization in the field of planting material to starting material remains necessary. The use of sustainable quality products is an indispensable contribution to the end result.

Complete Green Package

Are you looking for a “Complete Green Package”? Then you have come to the right place. Our products are available all year round for the construction of beautiful green areas. We deliver throughout Europe to various customers, such as wholesalers, gardeners and municipalities. We specialize in the supply of forest and hedging plants, which can be delivered in container as well as with root ball or bare roots. Of course we offer a lot more outdoor plants and trees. We are always here to provide a tailor-made solution and you can contact us for a complete green package.

Wide product range of Maas Plant

We have a wide range of trees and other outdoor plants all year round. You can choose from:

Forest planting
Fruit tree nursery Brabant
Ground cover nursery
Hague nursery
Spindle farm
Wholesale roses
Conifer nursery
Wholesale of flower bulbs
Topiary trees
Avenue trees
Ornamental shrubs
Ornamental grasses and perennials

Delivery of plants and trees

We can supply all plants and trees with various accessories. When ordering, you can always specify the form in which you would like to receive the plants. We deliver our products with or without root ball or in a plug, pot or container. For more information about our products and delivery, please do not hesitate to contact us. contact us for more information about our products and delivery. Our experts are happy to help you complete your order.

At Maasplant, we believe that every green environment contributes to a better world. As your supplier for all your plants, we have dedicated ourselves to creating these green oases - and we have been doing so with pride and passion for over 53 years."

Some of the collection

A selection from our range

forest and hedge plants

Forest trees and hedging plants

Available with bare root, root ball or in a pot/container.
Avenue trees, park trees, topiary trees

Topiary trees

Available in many shapes and sizes, with root ball, bare root or in container.

Ornamental shrubs

Available in pot/container, bare root or rootballed.
Ornamental grasses

Ornamental grasses and perennials

Available in various pot sizes and containers.