Wim Maas and Jacko Maas

From 1970 to the present

Maas Plant BV was founded in 1970 by Mr. W.C.M. (Wim) Maas late at the age of 19. As a baker's assistant, he daily visited many tree nurseries in Zundert every and his interest in the products and trade was aroused. In such a way the baker's hat was exchanged for a nurseryman's cap.

Since its foundation, Maas Plant has grown rapidly and Mr Wim Maas has proudly managed his company for more than 40 years as director.

On October 28, 2015, Mr. Maas passed away and his cousin Jacko Maas took over the daily management as director. As a young boy Jacko worked often at the company outside school hours and the love for the profession and the company inspired him.


1970: Company establishment
1985: Construction container field
1992: Mr. Jacko Maas joined the company

2002: Certificering
2015: In Memoriam W.C.M. Maas / Jacko Maas director
2020: 50th company anniversary