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Maas Plant is your total supplier of green projects. We work closely with several sustainable tree nurseries in Zundert and the surrounding area. The nurseries are both MPS and ISO 9001 certified and we offer a total package of outdoor plants and trees. At Maas Plant you are assured of the best quality for your green project. Can we be of service to you as a plant wholesaler? We would be happy to prepare a tailor-made quotation for you.

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Advantages Maas Plant

Maas Plant has been in existence for more than 50 years. In this ample time, we have taken care of and delivered many beautiful green projects. Besides our various collaborations with tree and plant nurseries in Zundert, we also have a good working relationship with regular contact growers and other reliable suppliers. This enables us to always deliver the desired trees and plants deliver. Because we deliver on demand, we ensure that your green project receives the best qualities of care.

At Maas Plant, you are assured of fast handling: from enquiry to delivery. We are easily accessible for all types of lorries and are conveniently located for export. Are any plants or trees missing from our range? No problem, if you have specific wishes for your green project, we will gladly look together at what is the best solution for your situation. That is the service from Maas Plant!

We are happy to give you the service

You can rely on Maas Plant to supply high-quality plants and nursery products.

Wide range of plants

We supply a wide range of outdoor plants all year round.

Quick service

We complete your order for delivery on the desired day.

Forest trees and hedging plants

are our specialty in all shapes and sizes.


Our (inter)national relations have considered us a reliable business partner for more than 50 years.
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Are you looking for a reliable supplier who can help you with your green project? Maas Plant BV is the partner you are looking for. You can contact us via the contact form simply contact us. Of course, you are also welcome to visit our office in Zundert for more information about our plants and cooperation with the nurseries. You can also reach us by phone at +31 (0)76 597 0800. We are at your service.

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