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Looking for a flower bulb supplier who buys directly from the nursery and/or wholesaler? Maas Plant BV will gladly be of service to you.
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Wholesale of flower bulbs

Maas Plant BV has a wide range of flower bulbs, making us a very important supplier, both nationally and internationally. We have years of experience in supplying top quality flower bulbs. We work on demand and can therefore be of excellent service to you. If you are looking for a wholesaler or supplier of high-quality flower bulbs, you have come to the right place.

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Wide range of flower bulbs

If you want to buy flower bulbs directly from the nursery or wholesaler, Maas Plant BV is the place to be. Whatever type of flower bulb you are looking for, we can help you. We have been working closely with various flower bulb nurseries for years, which means we know where to go for the best summer bloomers. Whether you are looking for dahlias, gladioli or amaryllises, we know where to look.

We are happy to give you the service


Our (inter)national relations have considered us a reliable business partner for more than 50 years.

Forest trees and hedging plants

are our specialty in all shapes and sizes.

Quick service

We complete your order for delivery on the desired day.

Wide range of plants

We supply a wide range of outdoor plants all year round.

We deliver all year round

The supply of our flower bulbs varies per season. Maas Plant BV is the flower bulb supplier that can serve you all year round. Besides these plantings, we can also help you with other greenery. Think of fruit trees, forest plants or other perennials. We supply a total package of outdoor plants and trees and are therefore the ideal party to work with.

Maas Plant BV helps you further

So, are you looking for a flower bulb supplier who gets these bloomers directly from the nursery or wholesaler? Then contact Maas Plant BV via or by phone at +31 (0)76 597 0800. Our highly dedicated team is at your service and will provide you with expert advice. We are happy to give you and the products you are looking for the attention they deserve.

Bring your space to life - explore our range and get your greenery into the garden today!