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Are you looking for a professional topiary tree supplier? The team at Maas Plant will help you in an attentive and careful manner.
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Need topiary trees?

Are you looking for an experienced supplier of topiary trees? Then Maas Plant is the right place for you. Our company has 50 years of experience in advising which type of topiary tree is suitable for your project. Because the choice between form types and various sizes is enormous:

  • Block and cube shapes
  • Column shapes
  • Arch forms
  • Roof shapes
  • High-stemmed trees
  • Knot shape (candelabra shape)
  • Low-level slates in various storeys
  • Tall slate shapes in various storeys
  • Multi-stemmed
  • Screen forms (both on low and high stem)


Naturally, we are happy to convert that advice into a customised quote and we move quickly as soon as you require delivery. Would you like to know more about our topiary trees or working methods? Contact us without obligation and our team of specialists will be at your service.

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Strong interest in topiary trees

The number of gardeners or municipalities interested in topiary trees is very large. Topiary trees are very eye-catching and a real enrichment for a garden or park. For this reason, our customers like to buy them. Because most topiary trees do not grow very large, they are suitable for both large and small gardens. Besides our topiary trees, we also offer avenue and park trees. In short, you can come to us for a "Complete Green Package".

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Our (inter)national relations have considered us a reliable business partner for more than 50 years.

Forest trees and hedging plants

are our specialty in all shapes and sizes.

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We complete your order for delivery on the desired day.

Wide range of plants

We supply a wide range of outdoor plants all year round.

Our working method

It is very important to us that our plants and trees are sustainable and of high quality. Our team of experienced specialists is therefore very careful when selecting the selection. As a result, you can expect the highest quality top-quality topiary trees from Maas Plant. Every customer receives the right guidance for the project required. With our dedicated staff, trusted services and our ideal location for exports to European destinations, we ensure rapid processing from enquiry to delivery.

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Would you like to know more about our extensive range of topiary trees or other outdoor plants?

If so, do not hesitate to contact with us. We can be reached by phone at 0031(0) 76 597 0800 and by mail at Our staff are at your service.

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