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Are you looking for a nursery in Breda?
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Are you looking for a nursery in Breda?

Are you looking for a nursery in Breda? Maas Plant is your supplier of a total package of outdoor plants and trees. With over 50 years of experience in our field, we have built up valuable connections with nurseries in Breda and the surrounding area. We can provide you with tailor-made greenery. Our personal service is what makes us unique.

Range of trees and plants

Our range consists exclusively of high-quality products. As already mentioned, thanks to our cooperation with various nurseries in Breda and its surroundings, we can offer you a wide range of trees and outdoor plants. Our products are available all year round. Our speciality is forest and hedge planting, but we deliver much more than that! In container, with root ball or bare root, everything is possible at Maas Plant. Many customers know where to find us for a complete package of greenery.

You can contact us for:

  • Forest and hedging plants
  • Feathered whips
  • Saplings
  • Hedging plants
  • Topiary and solitary trees
  • Avenue, park and fruit trees
  • Shrubs
  • Conifers
  • Ground cover plants
  • Perennials
  • Roses
  • Aquatic plants
  • Flower bulbs

Of course, we can supply all products with accessories and in the shape you want. Our experts are also at your service for advice on planting and maintenance.

We are happy to give you the service

You can rely on Maas Plant to supply high-quality plants and nursery products.

Wide range of plants

We supply a wide range of outdoor plants all year round.

Quick service

We complete your order for delivery on the desired day.

Forest trees and hedging plants

are our specialty in all shapes and sizes.


Our (inter)national relations have considered us a reliable business partner for more than 50 years.
Maas Plant

Order at Maas Plant

We provide customised delivery of trees and plants. Our customer base comprises business parties from all over Europe. These include municipalities, gardeners, wholesalers and road construction companies.

To provide you with a suitable solution, we work exclusively on request. You communicate your wishes to us and we get to work for you. This is how we put together a package of greenery tailored to your needs.

Contact us

Wondering if we can do something for you? Then give us a call on 076-597 0800 or send an email to Our experts will help you in your search for the perfect plant or tree.

Bring your space to life - explore our range and get your greenery into the garden today!