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As an international tree nursery, Maas Plant offers a range of outdoor plants and trees. A solution for every gardener or landscaper.

Tree nursery

Are you looking for a sustainable tree nursery for bulk plants or trees? Maas Plant BV cooperates with several certified tree nurseries in the area. We supply various outdoor plants and trees to various parties throughout Europe, such as wholesalers, municipalities, road construction companies and gardeners. Our team is at your service and would be happy to tell you more about the advantages of working with Maas Plant BV.

Tree nursery for business purchases

Maas Plant has more than 50 years of experience and has realised countless beautiful projects in that time. We work together with several regular growers and reliable suppliers to provide you with our wide range of outdoor plants and trees all year round. Our trucks are carefully loaded by our employees at our location in Brabant, which is close to the Belgian border. This enables us to export our products to other countries. Part of our range comes from our own tree and plant nursery and distribution warehouse, but we also work closely with other suppliers. This allows us to ensure that you as a gardener, landscaper or other green lover always have a wide range of plants and trees, regardless of the seasons.

As a certified company, it is our responsibility to provide our customers with the highest quality and reliability. With our 5000m2 of distribution space, we can deliver quickly and efficiently, without compromising on our promise of excellence."

We are happy to give you the service

You can rely on Maas Plant to supply high-quality plants and nursery products.

Wide range of plants

We supply a wide range of outdoor plants all year round.

Quick service

We complete your order for delivery on the desired day.

Forest trees and hedging plants

are our specialty in all shapes and sizes.


Our (inter)national relations have considered us a reliable business partner for more than 50 years.
Maas Plant

Trees and outdoor plants on request

Are you an entrepreneur? Enjoy our extensive range of trees and outdoor plants. Our range includes ornamental shrubs, forest and hedge plants, ornamental grasses, perennials, avenue, park and topiary trees. We deliver our plants and trees with or without root ball, and in a plug, pot or container, depending on your needs. Do you need a specific product that cannot be found in our digital range? Feel free to let us know and contact us. We work on demand and aim to offer you a total solution.

Need more information?
Can we help with an order request for outdoor plants or trees? Fill in our contact form and we will get back to you quickly. Want to ask a question directly? Then call us on +31 (0)76 597 0800. Our experts will be happy to advise you on what is possible for your greenery project. We also often work together with gardeners and landscapers on small and large green space projects.